Is Google+ dying or growing? Either way it will not effect Google’s search results

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Is Google+ dying or growing? Either way it will not effect Google’s search results

Recently there are a lot of rumours looming on the internet purporting that Google+ is dead. The resignation of Vic Gundotra who was behind the Google plus project was the main reason that fuelled those assumptions. In response Google+ Community Manager Moritz Tolxdorff retaliated saying “No one is moving anywhere. Everything will stay as it is.”

What we think as an SEO Agency?

Is Google+ really dead? For some it may seems so as it does not have the same number of fan base as Facebook. But Google+ was never meant to be a substitute for Facebook. It is a totally different platform and it has its own faithful fan base. There is a big chunk of Social Media users who do not want to interact with the same people with whom they interact everyday. Sharing photos of cute cats or photos and all the intimate information of friends and family is not really their cup of tea. In a nutshell this gang want the photos of their drunk night out to be seen only by their friends, not by the bosses, co-workers or parents.

Google+ offers one of a kind social networking experience and it is definitely not similar to Facebook. You have much more control over who get to see what and to say what to whom. You can have different circles of friends and have conversations with that exclusive crowd.

So you get useful, interesting and informative feedback. In fact most Google+ users are happy that it is not Facebook. It definitely provide a different kind of social networking experience. Often it instigates in-depth online conversations with people whom they have never met in real life but who share similar interests. The best thing according to them is that when you instigate a discussion it is always involves the users who know what they are talking about.

It is quite obvious that Google+ has become a growing introverted community that doesn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders. Nonetheless, it does not directly contribute to the Google’s search engine results. Google’s head of spam Matt Cutts has been stressing time and time again that Google+ has no direct impact on Google ranking. It can only help to gain visibility which can yield more links that can be indirectly helpful.

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