Swimwear: The biggest trends for summer 2022


The women’s swimwear (μαγιό) of the new 2022 collection are bolder, playful and feminine than ever! At DKstyle you will discover a large collection of women’s swimwear in classic, but also modern designs and colors, which will perfectly match your personal style.

Choose between high-waisted bikini bottoms, which perfectly highlight the curves, sexy bold Brazilians that magnetize the eyes, sporty for you who want to launch your sporty style on the beach and of course your favorite triangle, in renewed designs and patterns.

Choose the perfect women’s swimsuit for the new season or do the ultimate mix & match.

This is an article that most of you are looking forward to every year.

This is where the swimwear issue comes in. A huge issue that concerns us all, because as we know we do not want to have a single swimsuit, but many different ones, so that every time we are at sea we can renew our style.

Surely you already have some favorite pieces in your summer wardrobe, such as a classic black bikini and a one-piece, but also a playful floral printed bikini.

Whatever design you choose of course, the main issue in swimwear is the fit. That is, to find the ideal fit that will embrace the body, will highlight your curves and will make you feel completely comfortable with your body.

The period when women were hiding under towels and pareos has passed irrevocably (and finally!), So all that remains is to learn all the latest trends in the swimwears of 2022 and start market research.

The top 10 trends in swimwear for the summer of 2022

Textured Swimsuits

Textured Swimsuits with textured fabrics are the hottest for several seasons. So we will see them again this year. Ribbed pieces are one of the best choices you can make.


This trend gives a preppy character to your look, even on the beach. Give an air of French Riviera to your swimsuit this year, choosing an item with a small belt.

Retro prints

Favorite choice of women looking for a swimsuit with versatile elements. The plaid and the big 70s flowers are so fun and girly that they will excite you.

Micro straps

A trend for girls who want to show off the sexy side of themselves. This year the laces of your bikini will be so thin that they will remind you of spaghetti straps.


You do not need to do sports on the beach to wear an athleisure style swimsuit. The bodysuits, as well as the bikinis, that remind surfers are the most up-to-date for this summer. Personally, I think that long-sleeved bikini tops are the most convenient!

Circle games

Everything makes circles in this life. So, after the wisdom quotes, it’s time to put the circles in the swimsuits of the season. Small or even larger decorations in the shape of a circle go in bikinis and sexy bodysuits.

Glamor touch

Glamor is the absolute trend this season, so we will put a luxury touch and beachwears. Glossy fabrics, velvet, chains, glitters and embellished pieces will make you follow the path shown by Riri.

Cut outs

We put them on dresses and sexy tops, even on skirts, of course we will wear them on the beach as well. This design is ideal for beach parties, since after your bath it will become the perfect top for your low rise skirt.

Tied up

For this trend you do not necessarily need to go shopping. Use one of the bikinis you already have and tie the straps around your chest and waist.

Bold ruffles

Generally we want the elements of exaggeration. The ruffles give femininity and girly mood. Of course, we pay attention to the point where we will put the ruffles, because the truth is that they give volume.

The swimwear trends for the summer of 2022, draw inspiration from the biggest fashion trends that have already stood out on the catwalks of the season. This means that on the beaches we will see a nostalgic mood, influences from the 70s and Y2K aesthetics, psychedelic patterns, sexy cut-outs.

The most popular swimsuits, although very different from each other, have some common features, have retro references, but while remaining completely modern, highlight the body through their application and are definitely edgy, making the difference.

Even the most classic black one-piece swimsuit, is redefined and acquires a new twist based on the latest trends, it becomes sexier and at night it turns into the perfect top, combined with midi skirts and jeans shorts.

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