9 stages in a home remodelling

9 stages in a home remodelling

There are 9 stages in a home remodelling. Montclair Painting has trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services in Montclair.

Building repairs are individual works that occur in a building. As you know, over time, homes have a variety of problems. These are mainly due to the wear of the materials. In this case, small or larger tasks arise that need repair and correction. Any such individual work must be performed by a qualified technician and resolved efficiently.

1. Home Remodelling Study in Montclair Painting

One of the first and most important stages of a home renovation is that of the study. This includes all the work at the same time as creating floor plans that reflect the changes that are going to happen in space. Study and design are necessary to fully understand the renovation that is going to take place.

The engineer comes to your house to record the work you want to do. It captures all the spaces that are going to be changed and the corresponding floor plans are made with the proposed layout.

Before proceeding with the renovation, the workshop will ask you to choose the materials you want to use (tiles, sanitary ware, etc.). The workshop then creates a photorealistic (3D) illustration of the bathroom and kitchen or any other space needed.

In this way:

  • Any architectural or decorative intervention is better understood.
  • You can better understand the colors and materials in their entirety and choose the ideal combination for you.
  • But the most important thing is that before starting any work you have a sufficient picture of the final result, you know the final cost, and the exact schedule, before even concluding any agreement.

2. Architectural / Decorative proposals

If choosing tiles or the door and countertop that will go into the kitchen, or even the shade that will be painted on the walls of the house, and generally the choice of materials is something that seems like a mountain, do not be afraid. Almost all renovation workshops have experienced decorators who can help you in Montclair roofing.

They provide you with decorative suggestions regarding the materials that can be used or even the home equipment (furniture) with designs and three-dimensional photorealistic illustrations.

3. Dismantling

Usually, the dismantling is the first stage of a renovation, with the aim of stripping the premises. In addition to the dismantling of external elements (kitchen furniture, cabinets, doors, sanitary ware, tiles, etc.), there are also dismantling of internal elements (electrical cables and pipes, hydraulic piping, etc.).

If the new configuration requires, Montclair Roofing also demonstrate wall demolitions. The demolition of a wall involves the transfer or removal of electrical or plumbing installations located in it (cables, piping, etc.). We must also take into account that before the demolition of any element there must be a pre-inspection by a competent engineer. This must be done so as not to jeopardize the static space.

Basic dismantling in a complete renovation is:

  • Dismantling of bathroom – (sanitary ware, tiles, wall plaster, cement mortars, hydraulic pipes, etc.)
  • Kitchen furniture, closets, interior frames, exterior frames etc.
  • Change of tiles, marbles, mosaics, wooden floors etc.
  • Dismantling of electrical components (sockets, switches, cables, panel, etc.)
  • Other dismantling on a case by case (radiators, radiators, fireplace, etc.)

4. Dismissals

Many people want to change the layout of their home. That usually stems from the configuration of a single kitchen-living room, enlarging or shrinking a room, and more.

For the most part, the demolition of the street walls contributes to the radical remodeling of the house so that it is spacious, functional and always elegant based on the personal choices of everyone. An important factor of demolition is that they do not affect the statics of the building.

5. Construction – Building walls in Montclair painting

In the past, masonry was the only way to build until the advent of steel and concrete. Apart from the aesthetic point of view of the construction of the masonry and the functionality in the architectural layout, the way of using the building materials also plays a very important role.

Building walls happens at the beginning of a building or as part of a renovation in Montclair Roofing. During the renovation, the construction of walls serves to change the configuration of the house, to close an opening (eg a door) or to create a new space. Building materials are selected based on the usefulness of the wall, the sound insulation need, the aesthetic desired result.

6. Plumbing / Heating

Depending on the form of the renovation, heating installation pipes, water intake panel, facilities for solar water heater are installed. Also, the installation of new kitchen plumbing and new bathroom plumbing pipes (which is important in any bathroom renovation when the bathroom is several years old). The plumbing of a house is the main cause for the creation of moisture and stains on walls and ceilings, the destruction of cabinets and wooden floors, the appearance of mold that is dangerous to health.

7. Water supply – Sewerage

One of the most basic plumbing work done in a home is the replacement of water and sewer pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. The characteristics of a proper installation are:

  • The quality of the materials
  • Choosing the right location of the facilities
  • The operation control of the facilities after their installation
  • The experience and know-how of the technicians

8. Heating and cooling systems in Montclair Painting

There are several heating / cooling systems to choose from depending on the main energy source, climatic conditions, installation and layout of the space as well as costs.

9. Electrical Installations

At this stage, Gikas installs a new distribution panel in Montclair Roofing. Also, the experienced workers install lighting fixtures and sockets of various functions in proportion to each room based on the respective needs.

Indicative works:

  • Construction of new electrical installations
  • Maintenance of old facilities
  • Manufacture of electrical panels
  • Installation of external & internal lighting

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