Maintenance Tips To Follow For A Longer Lasting Car

Check the air filter

air within the air conditioning. To avoid such faulty maintenance, tend to replace the filter every 12 months or every 12000 miles. Replacing the air filter will only take 10 minutes, and you can even do it by yourself.

Monitor tire pressure and fluids accordingly

An underlying imperative aspect of efficient long lasting vehicles is periodically checking the tire pressure and fluids of the engine. When the engine is cool, tend to the belts and fan for any symptoms of wear and tear, steering fluid, transmission fluid and engine oil by examining the oil present on the oil dipstick. You can check the pressure of tires by observing the pressure gauge.

Check your battery

Many vehicles are often seen to breakdown due to damage or leak of the battery. To avoid such mishaps, tend to examine the car battery for any mineral accumulation around it, leakage and most important of all, never ignore engine battery signs depicted on the speedometer of the car.

Change your spark plugs

When engines fail to start immediately, it is a general indication of worn-out spark plugs. Spark plugs are meant to be replaced every 30,000 miles since they are prone to friction wear out and mineral cover up.

Wheel alignment


To ensure optimum balance and grip of the vehicle tend to align the wheel balance of the car and rotate the tires for more extended durability.

Clean windshields and replace wipers

The driver must always maintain 100 percent clear view of the road in front of him. Periodically cleaning windshields will prevent dirt accumulation, deterioration, and obstruction of view. Tend to replace wipers when they are worn out as it can further damage and scratch the glass.

Examine serpentine belts

For ensuring longer durability and engine life of the vehicle, examine the serpentine belt every 30,000 miles for damage and accordingly replace them.

Efficient working of the cooling system

It is observed that the hoses of engine coolants are prone to damage and breakage since they transport fluids at high pressure. For better durability and less budget strain, periodically examine engine coolant hoses and take action accordingly.

Check the brakes

For impeccable safe driving, it is crucial you examine the status of brakes and periodically change them, particularly every two years. The credibility of the brakes can be monitored through its fluid and moreover can be replaced easily.

Clean the exterior of the engine

Equal importance should be given to cleaning the interior and exterior of the engine. External parts of the engine are prone to debris build-up which can seep inside the engine and cause significant damage. You can avoid this by regularly cleaning engines for maximum output and efficiency.

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