Lollipop vs iOS, See How Are Wonderful


Duel of Two Big Companies

Lots of options are on hand for those who are looking for a smartphone with the best quality and still very “hot” in the market. Want to find the most blaring? Some of the best are duo. Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the answer. Both smartphones produced by two high-tech companies are no longer call into doubt about his ability. These two technology companies are often competing for the attention of gadget lovers. This is it.

Google a while back has released a new innovation on the existing OS system on the device. Having attended by Kit-kat, they bring a new name, which certainly did not lose in the arena of world-class competition smartphone market. In the new device, the Google embed the most awaited OS by the Android lovers. Android L or they call it “Lollipop” is embedded OS in Nexus 6. Of course this is a tremendous breakthrough for this smartphone.

Nexus 6 on its way now wears a 13 megapixel camera at the rear and the front, 2 megapixel camera. It is quite pretty nice if you suddenly desire to do “selfie”. But Nexus is not alone in terms of sophistication coloring OS produced by Google. Apple also launched iOS to be their operating system for iPhone 6 plus, as we know that iPhone 6 plus is also a world-class smartphone with a variety of unique and sophisticated technology build in it.

iPhone 6 plus highly adored by a lot of people have also been able to show his power in order to woo the gadget lovers to buy this product. Even in the first day, Apple has got the pre-order booking for 4 million. Cool isn’t? But it seems Apple has much to learn to other technology companies. Because, some features such as wireless charging will not you find in this product. In addition, Nexus 6 is also equipped with RAM size is more spacious than iPhone 6 plus. 3 GB vs 1 GB. It is undeniable; Nexus 6 is the champion in this respect.

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