Lexus teases EV concept bound for 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota is committed to launching at least 10 battery-electric cars by 2025, with the first expected to arrive in 2020.

Some of these will come from Lexus which will present an EV concept at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show, previewed here in a teaser video released on Thursday. The concept is thought to preview a production model due in 2020.

The teaser video shows off the concept’s headlight design and that’s about it. All Lexus will say about it is that it will be a battery-electric vehicle, though rumors point to it being a small, hatch-like vehicle with a tall, boxy design. You can also bet on it coming with a large spindle grille, even though EVs don’t really need grilles.

It’s possible the concept will be an evolution of 2015’s LF-SA minicar concept, a vehicle that fits the description above. And though the LF-SA concept hasn’t been confirmed for production, Lexus is rumored to be looking at adding a model smaller than the UX subcompact SUV.

Lexus LF-SA concept, 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota is developing new EV technology including dedicated platforms and solid-state batteries. Naturally, these technologies could be shared with Lexus.

We also know that Lexus is looking at in-wheel electric motors but the technology is still a long way from reaching production.

What we likely won’t see from Lexus is a plug-in hybrid. The automaker’s European chief in 2017 said the brand plans to move straight to battery- and fuel cell-electric powertrains.

We’ll have all the details on the concept soon as the Tokyo Motor Show starts on October 23. To learn about some of the other vehicles set for the show, check out our dedicated hub.

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