How can I consume halloumi?


How can I consume halloumi?

Almost no household in Cyprus lacks halloumi from the refrigerator of its house! It can be consumed in many forms and various preparations throughout the day! From breakfast to dinner. All the dairy machinery used in the halloumi production stage are of the latest technology.

So let’s see how it can be consumed:

Halloumi can be heated in the toaster, in the pan, and even consumed cold as a toast. It is usually accompanied by other cold cuts and vegetables. The traditional halloumi in the pie. Halloumi is also grilled and from a traditional Cypriot tavern you never miss the delicacies!

  • Accompanied by Cypriot pie.
  • As a savory pie or cake made known as halloumoti (type of casserole-cheese pie).
  • Watermelon with halloumi. With the beginning of summer, most Cypriots associate watermelon with halloumi. This combination of savory and sweet taste has no time frame as it can be consumed from breakfast to dinner.
  • As crumbs in spaghetti or barley. After the specific foods are cooked, they are rubbed with halloumi before being served.
  • During the preparation of the Cypriot pastitsio, a traditional halloumi is added.
  • As a filling in ravioli. Ravioli are traditional Cypriot pasta stuffed with halloumi and cooked in a pot. They can also be served with additional grated halloumi.
  • Pancakes with halloumi. Dough that is filled with halloumi and mint and has a small round shape. Method of cooking the frying. Serve cold or hot.
  • In a salad. It can be chopped in a salad as an appetizer or main meal.
  • In the soup trachana. Serve the soup with chopped halloumi.

Some elements for the export of halloumi

According to data from the Statistical Service, during the period 1993-2010 there was an increase in total exports of halloumi from around 1660 tonnes in 1993 to around 7688 tonnes in 2010. It should be noted that in 2010, 75% of total halloumi exports went to Europe, of which about 43% was made only in the United Kingdom, a country where there is a strong Cypriot element, due to the Cypriot communities, resulting in high demand for this product.

Regarding local consumption, according to data from the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus, the average annual per capita consumption of halloumi for the period 2000-2009 is 6.9 kg.

In the Cypriot market, some dairy companies also produce halloumi with chili and halloumi with basil.
in conclusion

Halloumi is and will be an integral part of the Cypriot diet. Produced in all parts of Cyprus for local and worldwide consumption.

It is necessary to measure the quantity but also the frequency of consumption of this cheese so that it does not affect the health condition due to the high content of salt, fats mainly saturated fats. It is also a very good source of calcium and protein!

Try it today with one of the above suggested methods!

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